Story Water

“Story Water” was originally commissioned by Vossajazz in 2012. The premiere was recorded and released as a CD, and toured in Norway. The album was released as a double vinyl in 2016.

Trym Bjønnes- vocals, guitar
Gunhild Seim – trumpet, percussion, vocals
Klaus Holm – clarinet, baritone sax
Petter Frost Fadnes – c-mel sax, baritone sax
Vidar Schanche – guitars, vocals
Ståle Birkeland – drums, electronics, vocals
Birk Nygaard – visuals

Jalal ad-din Rumi (translations by Coleman Barks), Sienna Dahlen, Edgar Allan Poe

The music is influenced by noise-rock, metal and psychedelic rock on one side, country and folk music on the other.

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