Konferansieren (2010)

For emcee (master of ceremonies) and band (flexible lineup). Improvisation/spoken word-improvisation. Written for Kitchen Orchestra with Nils Henrik Asheim as the emcee, as an introduction piece for a concert. Premiered at Kitchen Orchestra’s 5 year anniversary...

Soto (2010)

For improvising musicians (flexible lineup) with choreography/movement of sound. Commissioned by Kitchen Orchestra and performed at the 5 years anniversary in 2010. Financially supported by Komponistenes Vederlagsfond.  ...

XX2 – A home in the Clouds (2008)

Improv piece for concert band with guitar soloist. Structures for improvisation intended for classical musicians. Written for the Norwegian Wind Ensemble, premiered at Realtime Music Symposium during Oslo Jazzfestival 2008.

Horus (2012)

Improv piece, 12-piece ensemble, performed by Kitchen Orchestra at the What’s Cooking festival 2012

Sandvigå Suite (2012)

Improv piece for wind ensemble and rhytm section (minimum 12 horns, flexible line-up). Suitable for young bands. Commissioned by Stavanger Kulturskole.  ...

Joni (2011)

Trp, sax, piano, bass, drums. Durata 6:08. Recorded on the album Elephant Wings    

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